Tips And Tricks: The Thai Kick

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The Thai round kick is a devastating technique. The kick allows you to enlist the power from your hips, core, and legs. Many competent strikers have the ability to end fights at any time by using the round kick to the legs, body, or head.

For this article I have brought in professionally Muay Thai Fighter, Shannon Samuels. I have personally trained with Shannon numerous times in the past, and I can tell you from experience that he has a devastating Thai kick.

As Shannon states in the video bellow, the Thai style kick is different than the kind of kick you find in most traditional martial arts. For one, the leg does not necessarily snap at the end of the kick. Instead, the kick stays coiled and relies on the hips for power rather than the snapping motion of the leg.

The kick starts by taking a step out to the side, while turning your foot. This creates torque and allows you to gain full mobility for your kick. Next, pivot on your foot and use the power of your hips to rotate your leg. Remember that your leg stays coiled as the leg makes contact with your opponent.

Be sure to put the full power of your hips in every kick. If you happen to miss your opponent you should literally spin around in a circle.

For more information on Shannon Samuels visit Shannon is a certified instructor under Matee “Dragon Leg” Jedeepitak. He teaches Muay Thai every Sunday at 11:00 clock.

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