The benefits of living a martial arts lifestyle boast a wide range from internal to external. For Houston MMA fighter Cody Owens, they save him from a vicious downward spiral.


Atos Houston has only been established for a few months, but it has already attracted some of the top BJJ players around, one being Marcelo Tarso.

How many people out there have had their lives changed by martial arts? In the case of Emma Kamarac, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helped her find the confidence and strength to overcome a lifetime eating disorder.

Houston Muay Thai fighter Joseph Espinoza has been selected to compete on Team USA for the upcoming IFMA World Cup. was proud to sit down with this humble, polite, and incredibly talented athlete as he prepares to travel across the globe and represent us!

Lucas Aguirre from Team Tooke in Houston shows a nice set up for taking the leg of your opponent!

The head of Gracie Barra Brownsville, Tyler Bosard, started Jiu Jitsu in late 1998 in Lubbock, Texas.

Romi and Brenda Rodriguez head Presa RGV in Pharr, TX.

Romi Rodrigues from Presa RGV shows a strong double-attack from side control!

Romi Rodriguez from Presa RGV shows a crazy cool way to escape the bow and arrow choke!

A sneaky back-take from top half guard from Professor Ulpiano Malachias!