The left hook, or right hook if you happen to be a south paw, is one of the most devastating punching in all of the striking arts.

The cage is an important tool for any aspiring MMA fighter. It is an integral part of the modern-day fighter’s game, and it is an aspect that is often overlooked.

Defense is one of the most important aspects of a fighter’s overall game. It is a skill that, when done correctly, can frustrate your opponent.


Flow rolling is one of the most important drills that you can add to your grappling training.

The single leg takedown is one of the most commonly used takedowns in the fight game.

Those of us that watch mixed martial arts know that the cage can be used as an offensive and defensive tool.

The jab may also be used for offensive purposes as well.

We visit Gracie Barra Westchase in Houston, Texas to speak with Professor Ulpiano Malachias to learn a bit about him and his school.

With a perfect 7-0 fight record Lauren Murphy looks for win number eight this Saturday night.

We had the chance to see inside the MMA program at Gracie Barra Katy which is led by Professor Patrick Applegate and coach Alex Cisne.